Do You Have A "Statement Belt"?

Do you have a statement belt? Most do. If you can't remember where you put it try looking in the dark corners of your closet, possibly behind those favorite shoes that have seen better days but have too many good memories to throw away. Statement belts don’t have to be trendy, such that you wear today and retire it tomorrow. Remember they are called “Statement Belts” because they make a statement. They tell the world who you are and what you are about without you saying a word: saucy, eccentric, deco chic, refined. The list goes on and on. Simply put, they are an outward expression of the inner you, or least the inner you that the world needs to know about without you blabbing out-load about it.  

We can’t help to think that statement belts are big or even “huge”. They can be. The truth is that size doesn’t really matter, it’s all about what’s being said. A great example is the iconic Gucci Belt.

This is a belt that needs to be worn with almost everything in your closet, its primary purpose is to scream “She’s got style!” You get the point. Belts do much more than hold your pants up. Functionally, most clothing is formed fitted and you don’t really need a belt, but who out there buys clothing based solely on its ability to function. We want quality, style, chic, comfortable, …. somehow function just doesn’t fit in this sentence.

You may think you are choosing your own belt, but statement belts really chose you. When you see it you know it is calling your name, with a desire to tell the world what needs to be told about you while you humbly let it. Another concept that needs to be understood is the better the quality of the belt the louder it speaks giving you confidence too let it speak more often. Sterling Silver Buckles, genuine stones, real skin straps (alligator, lizard, snake), hand-crafted, artistic, stylish.

If you find your statement belt in the back of the closet its time to make a new statement. We can help. Click the style you like and learn about the details. If you envision a different strap, let us know. Everything is made for you upon your request, crafted in the USA with Free Shipping.